“There is no such thing as death.  In nature nothing dies. 

From each sad remnant of decay, some form of life arise….

When a person selects cremation as their choice of final disposition of their body, it is usually based on a desire to return to a more natural state of being, as well as, make an intelligent, frugal choice.  Villabella Cremation Gardens allows your loved one to continue to live, albeit in a transitional form.  By mixing your loved one’s cremated remains with the soil in the garden of your choice, the remains transform into sustenance for the trees, plants, flowers and thereafter, butterflies, bees, hummingbirds and many other natural creatures who have made their home within our gardens.

Villabella Cremation Gardens offer a hands-on opportunity to experience the reemergence and rebirth of nature through environmental sustainability.  We offer beautiful and tranquil areas that can be reserved and dedicated to your family for generations to come.  The gardens include features, benches including both park and cremation niche options, and artisan works can be dedicated to the memory of those you loved and then entrusted into our care.  Where family and friends can gather for meditation and healing within the quiet countryside surrounded by fields of freshly planted crops.  Families and friends are invited to dig into the dirt and plant your choice of allowed trees, plants and flowers.  Also, help lower the impact on natural resources and participate in the restoration and/or preservation of natural habitat by selecting the eco-friendly options of VCG.

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Address:  5132 Heidenheimer Rd.
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Plots & Estates

Private family plots and/or estates allow for entire generations of family members to be placed and celebrated together.  These private areas allow family and friends to personalize their area with allowed plants of their choice, granite benches, yard art, etc. as stated in the executed contract.  Families has expressed how therapeutic and healing this process has proven to be.



Communal Areas

Communal areas allow for a sense of community for individuals who may not have family nearby.  Our Butterfly Garden, Rose Garden, Pond Garden are some of the options of the beautiful communal areas available.

Discounts available for Military & First Responders


Villabella Cremation Gardens is owned and operated by our family because our extensive experience in the funeral business has proven to us that another alternative to the traditional cemetery was needed.  We have watched so many families struggle with the financial burden in their attempt to have a dignified end of life celebration for their loved one who has passed.  This has occurred in all types of family dynamics.  We offer a beautifully tranquil, dignified, celebratory, as well as, cost effective option for anyone who selects cremation as their end of life choice.